Dr. Roberto A. Flores

[Roberto A. Flores] Associate Professor of Computer Science
ISC (Tecnologico de Monterrey), M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Calgary)

Christopher Newport University
Department of Physics, Computer Science & Engineering
1 Avenue of the Arts, Newport News, Virginia 23606-3072

Luter Hall 326 | roberto.flores@cnu.edu
(757) 594-7487 | fax: (757) 594-7919

"Whoever, in the pursuit of science, seeks after immediate practical utility, may generally rest assured that he will seek in vain."
H.L.F. von Helmholtz, physiologist and physicist (1821-1894)


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CPSC 110: Introduction to Computing [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot]
CPSC 150: Computers and Programming I [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot]
CPSC 250: Computers and Programming II [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot]
CPSC 270: Data Structures [dot]
CPSC 360: Principles of Programming Languages [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot]
CPSC 410: Operating Systems I [dot]
CPSC 480/501: Software Design and Development [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot] [dot]


Multiagent Systems [conversation protocols, communication languages, social commitments & robotics simulation]
Software Engineering [OOSE, agile development].

My primary research interest is in multiagent systems, which are computer systems made out of loosely coupled software programs that interact to achieve their (individual or collective) objectives. One of the challenges in this area is to define how communicational interactions (called conversations) evolve over time. Negotiating the advance of the state of social commitments is one way to indicate this evolution -- where a social commitment indicates that one of the agents is responsible to do a performance advancing the interaction. The use of social commitments has interesting practical implications, since their fulfillment (or lack thereof) involve the possible imposition of rewards (or sanctions) which impact reputation and the likeliness of being considered as a reliable partner in future interactions.

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