Bluetooth Technology
      Bluetooth technology is a new and continuously growing wireless technology used in many aspects of everyday life. This new technology was invented with the intention of getting rid of the cables and other devices that are usually used to connect devices together. Bluetooth was also invented to provide higher levels of security (Bluetooth Basics). One problem that has already been presented is that the device is only efficient over short-range. Another positive for the device though is that it is low-powered and currently has a considerably low cost. The devices main purpose is provide a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other ("

      This new technology is being enjoyed globally. The devices are connected wirelessly through short-range networks known as piconets. These piconets allows Bluetooth enabled devices to communicate with up to seven other devices on one network. These piconets are established dynamically and automatically as Bluetooth enabled devices enter and exit radio proximity (Bluetooth Basics). Another big advantage of using Bluetooth devices is that they can handle data and voice transmissions. This wireless technology is used is in hands-free handsets, PDAs and laptops. Some of the Bluetooth enabled devices will be broken down further later.

      As stated earlier, Bluetooth can only be efficient over a certain distance that is relatively short. The range of efficiency in Bluetooth devices depends on the class that is it in. There are three different operating range classes. Class 3 radios have the lowest range. They operate with a range of up to 1 meter, which translates into about 3 feet. Class 2 radios are the most commonly used devices because they provide an exceptional range at a reasonable cost. They have a range of about 10 meters or 30 feet. Class 1 radios offer high-end service but at a much higher cost. They are mostly only used in industrial industries. They have a range of 100 meters or 300 feet (Bluetooth Basics).
      Bluetooth technology has been compared to many other current and developing technologies. The Ultra-Wide Band is just about the only technology that can be considerably compared to Bluetooth though. They both have a low amount of power consumption and have high rates of data transmission. There has been talk of the two merging together to produce sort of a "SUPER" Bluetooth device because, although Bluetooth outweighs the competition, there are still some aspects of UWB that can have a major positive impact on Bluetooth. Others like Certified Wireless USB are blindsided by Bluetooth's speed. The new giant Wi-Fi poses competition to Bluetooth with its high-end, high-powered devices but Bluetooth surprisingly costs a third of Wi-Fi products and use about a fifth of the power that Wi-Fi products use.

      The new, unreleased Playstation 3's controllers will use the Bluetooth 2.0 EDR technology. The controllers are expected to have a 24-hour battery life just like other Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth PS3 Controllers). This will be a big upgrade from its PS2 and PSOne predecessors. When the first Playstation came out there weren't even wireless controllers available. When the PS2 came out there were wireless controllers available but there were still only two controller ports while other were now having four controller ports. Playstation introduced the Multitap device that allowed the system to use up to eight controllers at one time. This was good but it was extra money you had to spend on buying the adapter. With the new Bluetooth technology, the adapter comes built in. The only slight downfall is that it will only allow seven players at a time whereas the eight that its predecessors had.

      Bluetooth has evolved to many mobile phone devices. There are now Bluetooth enabled mobile managers such as LifeDrive, handheld devices such as Palm and Tungsten, and Smartphones such as the Treo series. These devices include the Bluetooth features of Versamail 3.1, Web browser, SMS messaging system, and Dialer phone dialing system. Bluetooth technology also allows phones and PCs to synchronize and exchange files with each other. You can also send beam files, photos, and other things like business cards to Pocket PCs using Bluetooth technology. There is also a Bluetooth equipped GPS accessory that comes with some of its products. This accessory allows the users to display maps and find directions on their devices (Palm).

      Bluetooth technology has even branched out to automotive companies. The new Dodge Magnum incorporates the new Bluetooth technology named UConnect. UConnect is a hands-free communication system that automatically lowers the audio system in the car and projects the incoming call. Voice commands are received through a microphone located in the rearview mirror. This new technology allows drivers to carry on a conversation without taking your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road (Dodge Magnum).

      Bluetooth is now also being used everyday in the physical fitness realm. One major thing is that there won't be any more wires to get tangled up while you're working out. The Bluetooth iPhono sports headphone kit is the solution to that major problem. There is also the introduction of the "Faster Fitness Wireless Workout". This program allows trainers to access a client's workout program without having to go through the problem of filing paperwork. There is also a running companion developed by Nike and Phillips called MP3RUN. It has a speed and distance sensor and also a MP3 player all in one. The user can hear voice commands about their workout and can also download and store up to 200 workouts via Bluetooth wireless network (Bluetooth Fitness).

      Bluetooth technology is a new innovative technology that will improve life in many aspects. It offers hands-free connection to many different peripherals. It gets rids of the cables and other devices needed to connect machines together. It provides low cost and low power products that have performance that can compete with higher costing, energy consuming technologies such as Wi-Fi. It is also being used in new gaming technologies and fitness devices. Even though the technology is already acceptable and has far exceeded its expectations, it will hopefully merge with the Ultra-Wide Band technology to produce "Super" Bluetooth devices.