Lynn Lambert
Associate Chair
Physics, Computer Science and Engineering Department
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, Virginia

General Info

Research Interests

I am director of the Center for Innovation in Science Education which connects science education and content experts with teachers and students. Since coming to CNU, I've become interested in computer science and science education, including outreach to elementary schools using Computer Science Unplugged. I have also done general science education. I direct a science camp. Several years ago, I organized and ran a summer science camp called the Science of Living Spaces. I ran a Teacher Enhancement Institute for PreK-8 teachers to help the teachers learn about technology and aeronautics in a problem-based learning environment at NASA Langley Research Center. And, I have investigated how to use the addictive power of computer games to enhance education.

My other major area of research research natural language understanding, trying to get the computer to communicate in a natural language like English instead of an artificial language like C++ or Java. Here's an abstract of my thesis.