Extrasolar Challenge Web Activity Start Page

Kids, if the getting started directions at the right are too much for you, get your teacher, parents, or friends to help.


This activity has been designed to be used by students alone or guided by teachers or parents. Follow the links above depending on your mission.

Norbert and Zot

Software Download: Squeak is a free, exciting, multimedia, programming environment that runs on 12 different computer platforms. You can download the plugin for Squeak at Once the downloaded icon is on your desktop, double-click it for easy installation. This activity uses the new version of Squeak made available in September 2004. If you installed Squeak prior to that, you should update your version of Squeak at

Cautions: Although the Squeak plugin works for Windows 95 and 98, those operating systems are older and less stable and you may experience problems when running Squeak. It is preferable to have a processor speed of 300 MHz or greater and at least 64 MB of RAM.

Resolution: Depending on the resolution of your monitor, we have prepared two different versions of the activity for you. If you have a PC you can check the resolution of your monitor in the Control Panel by clicking on the Display icon and then the Settings tab. If you are using a Macintosh computer with OS 10, click on the System Preferences icon along the bottom, then the Displays icon and finally the Display tab if you need to. The first button on the left is for resolutions set to 800x600 and the second is for resolutions set to 1024x768 or higher.

Designed by Randall Caton during March 2004.      You can reach me at