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Etoys Projects: I have developed several projects for K - 16 learners using Etoys in the Squeak programming environment. Etoys is a free, multimedia, object oriented, graphical programming environment that runs on several different computer platforms. All of the projects use the fun Etoys environment of Squeak that is designed to inspire and enhance learning. Etoys has the power to build higher order thinking skills, because learners can deconstruct the projects, reconstruct the projects, and construct new projects using simple graphical programming tiles. You can find out much more about Etoys and download the most recent version at the Squeakland web site at www.squeakland.org

Etoys Projects Created in Current Version

If the launcher at the Squeakland web site isn't working to open projects, you can downed the project and open it on your computer as indicated.

NASA CONNECT Squeak Activity Index for the XO Computer

Squeakland Courseware Projects: Science and Mathematics Lessons for 9-10 year olds

New Etoys Tools Created by Ricardo Moran

Etoys Projects for Modeling and Simulation Workshop: Students Learning Like Experts by Creating Simulations

Etoys Projects Translated into Spanish

Etoys Projects with Spanish Translations

Etoys Projects Created in Older Version

Etoys Projects Created Prior to OLPC Version.

Etoys Blog

Using Etoys to Learn Mathematics Blog

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to improve or extend these projects. You can email me at rcaton@pcs.cnu.edu.