PCSE/Physics Students' Capstone Projects

DisciplineTitle AuthorAdviser Year Supplemental Material
Accelerator Physics Difference Orbit Optimization for Accelerator Optics Correction Thompson, EricE. Brash2017
Measuring Ozone via Satellite: Direct Detection vs. Photolysis Proxy Measurements in the Infrared Carpenter, DanielM. Mlynczak2019
Analysis of DeJong Dayglow Removal Algorithm Horn, JamesonA. DeJong2017
Developing and Testing an Improved Description of Diffusion for Use in Modeling Planetary Atmospheres Jackson, MatthewA. DeJong2017
Building a Simple Aurora Monitor Magnetometer to Measure Changes in the Earth's Magnetic Field Krohmaly, KatieA. DeJong2017
Constructing a Radio Telescope for Detecting Jovian Aurora Emissions Duncan, ErinA. DeJong2016 Poster
Testing a 3D Printed Nano-Satellite for Spaceflight Darling, SusannahA. DeJong2015
A Correlation Study of Steady Magnetospheric Convection in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres McElhenny, CarolineA. DeJong2015
Seasonal Effects on Quiet Time Identification Harris, AnthonyA. DeJong2014
Solar Wind Driving of Magnetospheric Substorms Simpson, GarrettA. DeJong2014
A Study of the Difference in Origins of Global Sawtooth Oscillations and Steady Magnetospheric Convection Banfield, GariA. DeJong2013
Astrophotography Jaffry, GregA. DeJong2013
Search for Extra-Solar Planets using the Transit Method Bernier, KyleY. Prok2012
Calibration of the Rapid Response Robotic Telescope at Fan Mountain Observatory Marsh, AmberY. Prok2008
Modeling the Collapse of a Stellar Structure into a Naturally Formed Spiral Galaxy Bauer, KristopherJ. Hardie2006
Biophysics Photosynthetic Absorption Spectra and Tomato Plant Growth Rates Whitcomb, KatieD. Gore2019
Biophysics 3D Motion-Tracking PET Experimental Prototype Byrd, BrookD. Heddle2017 Slides | Video
Computational Physics Automated Vernier Scale Readout via Image Processing for Detector Positioning in Hall C at Jefferson Laboratory Marinaro, RalphE. Brash2019
Computational Physics Design of Low Fidelity Transition Analysis Code for Tollmien-Schlichting Wahls, BenjaminM. Croom2018
Computational Physics Analysis of Strong Gravitational Lenses Using Neural Networks. Ayub, YemeenD. Gore2018
Computational Physics Upgraded Swimmer for Computationally Efficient Particle Tracking for Jefferson Lab's CLAS12 Spectrometer Lorenti, LydiaD. Heddle2018
Computational Physics Toy Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Scattering at Jefferson Lab Craun, WillemP. Monaghan2018
Computational Physics Training an Artificial Neural Network to Solve Ballistics Problems Singleton, NathanD. Heddle2017
Computational Physics Undergraduate Computational Physics Projects on Quantum Computing Fournier, AndrewD. Heddle2016
Computational Physics An Investigation into the Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics Using Quantum Computing Simulations Thomas, JamesE. Brash2014
Computational Physics Chaotic Behavior of Autonomous Nonlinear Circuits Garmon, AndrewR. Selim2013 Java Executable | Java Code
Computational Physics A Simulation of the Attainment of High Potentials by the use of Radium Ryan, RobertD. Gore2013 Java Executable
Computational Physics Simulation of the two-dimensional square-lattice Lenz-Ising model in Python Munroe, RichardE. Brash2012 Python Code | Data
Computational Physics Bifröst Physics Frasier, ArmanD. Heddle2011 Slides | Website
Computational Physics GuitarGeek Sebouh, PaulD. Heddle2010
Computational Physics LabVIEW Acquisition for Phosphor Thermography Data Reduction Hollingsworth, KevinM. Buoncristiani2001
Fluid Dynamics Creating a Uniform Wind Cardenas, JordanE. Brash2013
High Energy Physics Development of a Monte Carlo Simulation for Electron Scattering Experiments Finkenbinder, DillonP. Monaghan 2019
High Energy Physics Measuring Double-Spin Asymmetry in Jefferson Lab's EG4 Experiment Loving, RyanR. Fersch 2018
High Energy Physics Recommissioning the QWeak Drift Chambers Using a Cosmic-Ray Telescope Davison, ChristianE. Brash 2017
High Energy Physics Measurement of a Double-Spin Asymmetry from Inclusive Electron-Proton Scattering in the CLAS EG4 Experiment Kalian, ChristopherR. Fersch 2017
High Energy Physics High Voltage Control, Data Aquisition and Analysis Software for JLAB's SuperBigBite Spectrometer CDet Detector Kerver, MitchellE. Brash 2017
High Energy Physics Beam-Helicity Asymmetry γP->P'K+K- System Cooke, JessicaR. Fersch 2015
High Energy Physics Cloud Chamber, Simulation, and Particle Interaction Hesse, KyleE. Brash 2015 Video
High Energy Physics Construction of a Spark Chamber for Public DemonstrationMcMahon, Nicholas D. Doughty 2014
High Energy Physics Modular LED Relative Gain Monitoring of the GlueX Barrel CalorimeterBogart, TaraE. Brash 2013
High Energy Physics Partial Wave Analysis of the φ Meson Talley, MeganE. Brash2013
High Energy Physics GEM Detector Assembly, Implementation, Data Analysis Colvin, William & Losada, Anthony F. Benmokhtar & E. Brash2012
E&M Hand Turned Electric Generator Robson, EthanL. Cole2018
E&M Investigation of Path-Loss Models for 5.8 GHz Radio Signals in CNU's Luter Hall Cox, DavidJ. Backens2017
E&M Modeling and Designing a PID Controlled Magnetic Levitation System Hickman, StonewallD. Gore2017
E&M Experimentally Modeling the Behavior of a Hall-Effect Thruster at Atmospheric Pressure Bonilla, DanielR. Fersch2016
E&M Final Report for the Design of a Reliable Spark Gap Graham, RobertD. Gore2016
E&M Improved Electromagnetic Can Crusher Adams, Thomas & Trant, RobertD. Gore 2015
E&M Electromagnetic Can Crusher Meadows, Victoria & Kundrock, MatthewD. Gore 2014
E&M An Analysis of Linear Motors Sheldon, RyanL. Cole2014
E&M Feasability of Increasing Oxygen Density Through the Applicaiton of Electromagnetic Fields Gonzalez, JuanR. Selim2010 Slides
E&M Oxygen Separation in Air with Magnetic Gradient Field Camp, ThomasR. Selim2005
Mechanics Modeling Motion of the Lissajous Sand Pendulum Lomicka, MattD. Heddle2019
Mechanics Stabilizing an Inverted Pendulum Gallagher, KyleR. Fersch2013
Mechanics The Physics Behind Drag Racing Mercer, DylanL. Cole2014
Mechanics The Drag Coefficient and Air Resistance Miller, CharlesD. Gore2014
Nuclear Physics Nuclear Reactors Hillyer, RichardD. Gore2013
Physics Education Multiple Choice vs. Performance Based Tests in High School Physics Classes Wojtas, KatherynL. Lambert2012 Slides
Physics Education Developing Five Course Lab Activities and Determining Concept Dependencies for an Introductory Astronomy Class Syllabus Outline Pittman, KatherineJ. Hardie2006
Optics Efficiency Analysis of a Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Kalivoda, SashaC. Gerousis2019
Optics Modeling the Reflective Pattern of Microwaves for Use in Ammonia Target Polarization Wild, MatthewR. Fersch2017
Optics Observing Fringe Pattern with a Vertical Michelson Interferometer Schmitt, AlexR. Fersch2014
Optics Measuring the Speed of Light White, ChristopherR. Fersch2013
Optics Moonbounce---Receiving EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) Transmissions Myers, TylerD. Gore2011
Optics Various Power Measurements of a Microwave Tube across a Frequency Spectrum of 139.8 to 141.2 GHz Tonkovic, AndrewY. Prok2011 Slides
Optics Computer Controlled Laser Interferometer Gard, Michael.M. Buoncristiani2001
Optics Two Wavelength Solid-State Laser for Dental Applications Murray, Keith E.M. Buoncristiani1999
Optics Opto-Electronic Motion Sensor for Mirrors in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Schott, TimM. Buoncristiani2000
Solid State Creating a Fully Automated Data Acquisition System for Transister Characteristics in LabVIEW Doll-Hennis, AustinR. Selim2016
Solid State Developing a Non-Glass pH Meter Lyon, JohnR. Selim2015
Solid State Non-Destructive Testing Capability of a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) Keeling, SteveR. Selim2001 Appendix 1 | Appendix 2 | Figure
Thermodynamics Design and Analysis of Sterling Engines Denno, JustinR. Selim2012 Figure 1 | Figure 2