Randall Caton is a Professor Emeritus of Physics and Computer Science at Christopher Newport University in the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering and currently resides in Bigfork, Minnesota. He was educated at the University of Minnesota (BS), the University of Pennsylvania (MS), and the City College of CUNY (PhD). His areas of research are Superconductivity and Science Education. He has run Young PHDs (with CHROME) and has worked at the NASA Langley Center for Distance Learning. He also directed Teachers as Researchers and Project Excel in the past.

Personal Philosophy: A pet dog and trees are relaxing and both reduce stress as you advance in years.


Some Past Publications and Activities:

QTVR Movies: Get QT4 from Apple.

Campus1 1996 QTVR Movie Campus2 1996 QTVR Movie Campus 1998 QTVR Movie Campus 1999 QTVR Movie Gosnold Hall QTVR Movie My House 1996 QTVR Movie Ice Berries 1996 QTVR Movie Moon Bridge QTVR Movie  © Tom Wilkins Virtual Environments

Elegance: The Chinese proof   that a2 + b2 = c2 for a right triangle. Picture of sum of odd integers and squares.

The New Millennium: View the Heralding of the New Millenium (IE5 required).

Sunset on Lake Michigan:      Wide View      Enlarged

Norway:      Aurora

House Pictures:      House

Explore the World of Etoys: Try Etoys!

SD14 Picture: View

Last Update: November 1, 2010.        You can reach me at rcaton@pcs.cnu.edu.

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