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Before you can enter the exciting world of Squeak Etoys, you need to download the Squeak plugin at Once you have the Squeak plug-in installed, you can access any Etoys project from an internet browser like Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or IE. Important Note: These Etoys projects were created before the current image was created and parts of the projects don't quit fit on the workspace. You will need to move objects around to get them on the workspace. Etoys in Squeak is a free, exciting, multimedia, object-oriented, authoring environment that runs on sevral different computer platforms. Playing in the Squeak Etoy environment is mind challenging. Explore and create as you have fun with Squeak Etoy projects. Click on any project below to start. Sound is a part of the multimedia environment so be sure your speaker is turned on. Visit NASA CONNECT to get supporting information for the programs listed in italics at the bottom of each description.

Freefall Challenge: Norbert and Zot are waiting in an elevator. Make them weightless. "Design" the elevator so that it gets to the lobby as soon as possible while Norbert and Zot remain comfortable.
Who Added the "Micro" to Gravity?
Concepts: Position, velocity, acceleration, weight, mass.
Math: Plotting and data analysis.
Northern Lights Challenge: Answer the question "Do Northern Lights exist on other planets?" Exploration tools in the Squeak project are waiting for you to explore the other planets.
Dancing in the Night Sky
Concepts: Electromagnetism, electrons, and atmosphere. Math: Data analysis, ratio, and proportion.
Theorem Challenge: Explore parallelograms more deeply and create theorems about parallelograms. Creating theorems will help build the muscle of your mind.
The "Wright" Math
Concepts: Parallelograms and theorems. Math: Reasoning, proof, angles, sides, and areas.
GPS Challenge: Where in the world are Norbert and Zot? The computer in a GPS uses geometry to determine positions on the surface of the Earth. That's why math is so important!
Virtual Earth
Concepts: GPS, trilateration and geography. Math: 2D and 3D geometry, circles and spheres.
Exercise Challenge: Put Norbert and Zot through their paces with an exercise regime. Try to make their average heart rate 100 beats per minute. Check and plot your own heart rate.
Better Health
Concepts: Exercise and heart rate.
Math: Plotting, data analysis, estimation and average.
Rocket Launch Challenge: Launch rockets and learn about motion and gravity. Take and plot data to better understand position, velocity and acceleration. Try your rocket on the Moon and other planets.
Festival of Flight
Concepts: Position, velocity, acceleration, and gravity.
Math: Plotting and data analysis.
Robot Challenge: Design a Norbot or Zotbot to complete a mission on the International Spaced Station. Learn the relation between geometric figures as you assemble the needed parts into the Norbot or Zotbot.
PSA: The Astronaut Helper
Concepts: Reading comprehension, design and analysis.
Math: Relations among geometric figures.
Extrasolar Challenge: Norbert and Zot need help to make a model of Norbania. They are homesick. Learn about the relation between the distance of the planet from its sun and its period of revolution.
The Venus Transit
Concepts: Motion, solar system, Astronomical Unit, period.
Math: Plotting, data analysis and ratios.
Laser Challenge: Help Norbert and Zot calibrate their laser system and measure thicknesses of aerosols and clouds. Learn how the laser light intensity decreases as it passes through aerosols and clouds.
The "A" Train Express
Concepts: Lasers, calibration and measurement.
Math: Plotting, data analysis, ratios and algebra.
Norbesaur Challenge: We take a trip back in time around 100 million years ago to study the Norbesaur - Norbertís fictitious ancestor. Learn how scientists use ratios to determine how fast dinosaurs ran.
Good Stress: Building Muscles and Bones
Concepts: Biomechanics, position and velocity.
Math: Measurement, plotting, data analysis, ratios.
Park and Mail Challenge: Come to Norbania and learn about energy. Observe Norbert park in his Massive Space Garage. Help Zot mail a package using the magical Norbanian Postal System.
Rocket to the Stars
Concepts: Kinetic and potential energy, position and velocity.
Math: Measurement, plotting, data analysis.
Sundial Challenge: Norbert has lost his watch, but he can still tell time using Sun shadows. Take, plot and analyze data on a simulated Sundial. Can you explain the daily change in the shadows?
Ancient Observatories: Timeless Knowledge
Concepts: Sundials, Earth-Sun motion.
Math: Angles, symmetry, measurement, plotting, data analysis.
GIS Challenge: Norbert and Zot have created a Geographical Information System (GIS) for forests on planet Earth. Can you help them gather, plot and analyze data for their final report?
Hidden Treasures: Landscape Archeology
Concepts: GIS, deforestation.
Math: Area, fractions, percent, random sampling, measurement, plotting, data analysis.
Ratio Challenge: You have a box of gears that work. Can you determine the relation between the ratio of the number of teeth and the ratio of the number of turns for any two gears?
The Right Ratio of Rest: Proportional Reasoning
Concepts: Gears.
Math: Ratios, measurement, data analysis.
Cars Challenge: You can choose from several cars on a race track. Can you experiment to find the right variables to make your car complete one lap in the shortest time?
Team Extreme: The Statistics of Success
Concepts: Speed, length, time, design.
Math: Unit conversion, length, measurement, data analysis.
Pyramid Challenge: Norbert and Zot are trying to measure the height of their newly discovered pyramids. Are you up to helping them with this challenge?
The Path of Totality: Angular Distance
Concepts: Ancient mathematics.
Math: Height, geometry, ratios, measurement, unit conversion.
Graph Challenge:You are trying to break barriers and design the fastest balloon X-1 aircraft. Can you gather, plot and analyze data to help you in the Breaking Barriers in-class activity?
Breaking Barriers: Solving Linear Equations
Concepts: Flight, speed, length, time.
Math: Plotting, length, angle, area, measurement, data analysis.

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