Explore and Learn in the Wonderful World of Squeak

Squeak Projects: Squeak is a free, exciting, multimedia, object oriented programming environment that runs on everal different computer platforms. Etoys is a graphical programming environment in Squeak that challenges users to think and create. Once you have the Squeak plug-in installed, you can access any project from either an IE or Netscape browser. Once the activity loads, click on the orange tab at the left, labeled Navigator (to make it pop up) and then click on Escape Browser to remove the browser controls so you have more room. Also click the Navigator tab shut for more room. Squeak is challenging play and you can make neat EToys. Have fun and explore the projects below. Click on any project below to see some Squeak EToys. Several of these have sound so be sure your speaker is turned on. These projects were written for a version of Etoys prior to the OLPC and may not work on the current version available at www.squeakland.org Projects adapted for the OLPC version are at the bottom.





See How It's Done: Do you want to try making your own Etoy project? First you can watch how to make Squeak Etoys work by creating scripts to make the objects on the page go into action. There are two versions for screen resolutions of 600 x 800 and 768 x 1024. Click on the one for your settings.

Watch how to make things in Etoys (set your resolution to 600 x 800 and click the Escape Browser button on the Navigator tab).

Watch how to make things in Squeak (set your resolution to 768 x 1024 or higher and click the Escape Browser button on the Navigator tab).

Next Steps on Your Own: Go through the projects below to see simple scripts for Etoys and try making your own. First deconstruct the scripts by taking them apart to see how they work. Don't be afraid to break the scripts because that is how you learn. Next reconstruct the scripts by putting them back together to make them work again. Finally, construct your own new scripts from what you learned. These projects work best on 768 x 1024 resolution.






play with gears

Minefield Game (Project from the Open Charter School in California)


tumble (this one uses variables so it would be good if you know something about algebra)

robot competition - there is a way to have two players on two different computers

explore similar triangles

Moon Earth orbit and Phases of the Moon (set your resolution to 768x1024 or higher and Escape Browser to see buttons)

Moon Earth Phase Quiz (set your resolution to 768x1024 or higher and Escape Browser to see buttons)

Projects Adapted for the OLPC Image:

amphibian toy

boat in a river

phases of the moon

moon phase test

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to improve or extend these projects. You can email me at rcaton@pcs.cnu.edu.